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Did a guy with a hangover really invent Eggs Benedict?

Is that a drab toast and a lukewarm coffee? How about brunch at 7 Plates Cafe, filled with colors, flavors and lots of choices.

Brunch is more than just a stack of pancakes , it's often a dinning experience complete with mimosas and conversations. Brunch is universally loved that is just a fact, and now that is done the 7 Plates Cafe way,it's probably a good idea to come in and experience our brunch.

Eggs Benedict is a treat, it's eggs covered in eggs. Genius! For this classic brunch time favorite, the recipe is said to be a century old. The original recipe can be found in Chef's Ranhofer cookbook published in 1894. You can also find the recipe for hollandaise sauce. Once you taste homemade hollandaise sauce, you'll never go back. For freshly prepared Eggs Benedict Florentine, look no further than 7 Plates Cafe.

Normally between the muffin and eggs there is a thick slice of bacon. Our chef is adding a bit of cream spinach, the key about the filling is that you don't need too much of it.

While you wait for your meal, you might be thirsty, so let's talk about drinks. You can't have brunch without a fun cocktail. How about a custom Mimosa? At 7 Plates Cafe you can customize your Mimosa with different liqueurs , fresh juices and seasonal fruits.

At 7 Plates Cafe Brunch is available every day Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-4pm, where walk-ins are always welcome!

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