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7 Plates Café, a new casual gourmet restaurant with European influences now open in Lincoln Park -PR

7 Plates Café is a casual gourmet restaurant that combines creative yet simple and healthy food with the convenience of the carry out and delivery.

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park at 2221 N Lincoln Ave, 7 Plates Café is a casual gourmet restaurant where contemporary design complements interpretations of classic European style.

Crafted from local seasonal ingredients the menu features an array of seven appetizers, seven entrees, seven salads, seven desserts and seven handcrafted cocktails with European influences. Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner the restaurant also offers delivery and pick up services.

Weather they are kicking off the day or catching up with friends during brunch or lunch the guests can enjoy egg dishes like Benedict Florentine with creamed spinach and Canadian bacon or Salad Lyonnaise with poached eggs and warm mustard vinaigrette, lemon ricotta pancakes, juicy corned beef or Croque Madame sandwiches,

tasty soups, creative salads with salmon, tuna or baked cheese and champagne vinaigrette, and sweets prepared fresh everyday.

For dinner the menu invites to culinary travel. From the classical fried calamari to the gourmet pate stuffed devilled eggs it includes Eastern European delicacies like beans ragout with sausage or polenta and cheese accompanied by a creamy mushrooms ragu sprinkled with fresh dill, Mediterranean dishes like shrimp and avocado with citrus remoulade, grilled salmon platter or eggplant bruschetta with feta cheese and tomato, along with american specialties such as grilled cheese soup or mac and cheese. All accompanied by handcrafted cocktails a carefully selected wines.

For kids the restaurant offers healthy choices like grilled amish chicken or quinoa spaghetti along with more classical dishes including fish and chips, grilled cheese sandwich and more. All prepared with high quality local ingredients.

The story behind the concept is the co-founders passage through 7 different countries in Europe and North America, where they worked in the hospitality industry. It all started in Romania with the family business, then it was Italy. Eager to discover and learn more they traveled to Hungary, Austria, Germany and Turkey living and working with friends that had restaurants.

In the US they joined and managed several reputable establishments.

7 Plates Café was born from the desire of bringing under one concept the best of what they’ve learned. A menu with European influences, real ingredients and flavor. A place that offers great service, a warm ambiance and convenience.

“Working in the industry for so long we’ve developed this " emotional intelligence " about food, about what people like and what people dislike. And we’ve got a pretty good idea about what Lincoln Park needs.” says Adina Gherman, one of the co-founders.

An important part of the concept are the take out and delivery services for individuals or groups.

“We live in such a fast paced environment and we understand that people cannot always make it to the restaurant for a fresh and healthy meal. I think everyone should be able to enjoy a gourmet meal not only at the restaurant, but also at home at the office or at their events, so we will include pick up and delivery services very soon”, says Adina Gherman.

Since the establishment doesn’t compromise on quality and due to temperature constraints some items from the menu will not be available for delivery, yet the choice remains broad enough.

“I see 7 Plates Café as the neighborhood gem where people come for fresh creative food prepared with local ingredients, handcrafted cocktails, warm ambience, and extraordinary hospitality’ says Adina Gherman. We look forward to sharing food with our guests because food is a great vehicle for sharing culture and heritage with people from different backgrounds. Food brings us together”

7 Plates Café is a casual gourmet restaurant located in Lincoln Park at 2221 N Lincoln Ave, IL 60614. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner and features a menu with European influences. Phone: 773- 687- 8817; www.sevenplatescafe.com;


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2221 N Lincoln Ave


Phone: 773- 687- 8817


Lunch​ & Brunch

Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm

Saturday & Sunday 9 am to 4 pm



Tuesday to Friday  4 pm to 10 pm

Saturday             4 pm  to 11 pm